Direction Vaastu

There is mainly ten direction. The four principal directions (main directions), i.e., North, East, West and South and their aided four angular directions, i.e., North-East, South-East, North-West, and South-West. Moreover, remaining two are Hell and Heaven, play a very significant and vital part in the design, planning, and construction of buildings for human (living and non-living) beings.

Our rishis, much before the concept of advanced sciences unfolded that the Sun is the most powerful, beneficial and natural and fundamental source of light, heat, and energy. Accordingly, they had advised that for best comfort, our homes shall face east in the Indian subcontinent as the sun is at the farthest point.

vastu for direction

Moreover, they had also given the angular directional lordships to empower humanity to built and live in harmony with the environment to maximize the comfort, pleasure happiness, comforts, satisfaction, peace, and wisdom.
The Sun goes from East to West and West to East in approximate 24 hours. During its journey, it releases, a varying amount of heat/light and energy depending upon its distance from the earth.

These ten directions are providing perfect guidance to the humanity in locating each everything in these universals.


East (Purva): Inder - Lord of Devas : Lord of Devas governs this direction, and he is known to be the king of Gods. He bestows wealth and pleasures of life

South-East (Aaganaya): God of Fire : Lord of fire- Agni governs this direction. He gives us good personality and all the great things in living. Fire is a root of energy and health as it is related to fire, cooking, and food.

South (Dakshin): Yama - The Lord of death : The Lord of death - Yama governs this direction. He is a manifestation of dharma, and destroys destructive powers and gives good things. It is a source of money, property, wealth, crops and pleasure.

South-West (Nairutyaa) : This direction is of Niruti, the god of death who guards us against harmful enemies. It is a source of character, behavior, a case of longevity and death.

vastu for direction

West (Paschim): Varun - Gods of Rains : The lord of rains - Varun governs this direction. He gives his blessings in the form of natural rainfall, delivers prosperity, success and peace of life.

North-West (Vayavya): The God of Wind : Vayu-The God of Wind, and brings on us good health, energy, strength, and long life. It is a source of change in the course of business, friendship, and enmity.

North (Uttara): Kuber- The God of wealth : Kuber, the god of wealth govern this direction.

North-East (Ishaan): The God of supreme This place is managed by lord Ishaan and is a source of wealth, health and prosperity. He brings us intelligence, awareness and releases us from all problems and mishaps.

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