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Today, choosing a right plot for residential, commercial and industrial purpose is the too much difficult part, just because of uncertainty in business, family relation and human behaviour. According to the principal guidelines of Vastu Shastra, A right place has a right energy source which describes the future of your family or business; so choosing a plot to purchase without consulting with a Vastu expert is truly half-knowledge kind of thing which is quite dangerous. We're here to help you and provide a good quality solution of Vastu for residential plot or commercial plot.

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To aware, providing solutions to the people about Vastu Shastra, We've professional Vaastu Shastra scholars who continuously study this science furthermore apply the solution based on everyone's need. No One evaluates the solutions by any means in terms of cost for them are priceless. Our leadership is in the domain of preventing harm of business, family relation and providing a positive environment towards growth, wealth, harmony, and happiness.

Approaching a Vastu consultant to study Vastu for plot is not a mistake. His solutions make residents happy with the Vastu positive results and they enjoy peace and fruits of Vastu Shastra blessings lifelong. It is better, search a professional Vastu Specialist and request them to visit property you're interested in, only with their guidance take the decision to buy or leave that property and search for another one, this is the perfect procedure.

The solutions we're providing to choose the right plot are incredible and matchless. Here we’re enlisting valuable Vastu tips for a good residential plot or business plot:

  • - First avoid of buying Black clay soil areas, if so or otherwise the foundations will be so weak and the construction cannot stand a long time.
  • - If the structure disturbs or cracks developed to the walls then positive power will become weak always remember this hint.
  • - Once again we are informing you if the construction is NOT healthy then this subject power also will be weak.
  • - If there is no groundwater first avoid buying that plot. Because water is most important in our day to day life.


    A Peaceful, refreshing place with a lot of greenery, a good water source with good soil, for obvious reasons. The fertile soil is an indication of good soil for construction. While purchasing a piece of land, it is a good idea to stand on the land and feel its vibration for a few moments. If you feel positive about it, consider buying the land. If not, it is probably not good for you. The Reasoning is that it is always advisable to trust your instinct but make sure you are not influenced by anything or anyone else, for good reasons.

    Check the Plot history : it should be a good history. It is best to buy land where happy and successful people have lived. The natural reasoning behind the concept is totally psychologically, you will feel that land where people were happy and prosperous; has good vibes or energy. Check for the road adjacent to the plot. Plot with pathways on all four sides is considered the best. It ensures health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. The natural reasoning for the logic is because a Plot with roads on all four sides is not abutting any body's property and hence one can derive maximum lighting and ventilation from all four sides. The next best option is a Plot with roads on the North or East. The reasoning I understand for it is that more light and air can enter from these sides in the mornings.

    1. Having 90 degrees and directional plots.

    2. Floor slope towards Northeast corner from Southwest corner.

    3. Having good street focus plots. For more info check this Road thrusts link.

    4. Northeast extension site

    5. Northeast water flows properties.

    6. Skewed plots which are measured beneficial for happy living.

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    • Oval figure plots, Triangular plots or locations.

    • Unshaped plots which are cut or truncated at Northeast corner.

    • Round shaped Plots or Circular Shaped Sites.

    • Polygonal plots and Northeast round corner plots.

    • Plots which is having raising or increasing or extension towards Southeast.

    • Plots which is extending towards the Northwest corner.

    • Heavy extension towards Southwest corner plots.

    • Heavy digs at Southwest corners, excavation towards Southwest.

    • East elevated sites or North elevated plots or even Northeast elevated plots

    • More slope from North to Southside plots or slope from East to West side plots.

    • Heavy digs or pits at Southside plots and heavy sump or at West side plots.

    • Mountains at North direction plots.

    • Heavy rocks at Eastside plots.

    • Heavy mountain stones at Northeast side plots.

    • River at Southside plots, Westside plots and Southwest side plots.

    • Heavy buildings or Apartments at Northside, Eastside and Northeast direction of plots.

    • Both side i.e., North & South sides having apartments.

    • Two directions i.e., East and West having apartments.

    • Slope from Northeast to Southwest corner plots.

    • More open space at Southside than north side plot, West side than east side plot and more open place towards Southwest sites.

    • Bad street focus or road thrust properties are to be avoided to buy or construct.

    • Ground floor depression towards South, West and Southwest, even sometimes Northwest and Southeast also.

    All the above mentioned guidance or information could be possible for Indian properties; all the points smay not be applicable to other country homes. Please keep in mind.

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