Consultant for Institute Vaastu

Educational Institute is a place where future of any country is in under progress. At institute everyone have to concentrate on their books and careers. Astro Vastu Delhi Experts says institute not only the place for studies or careers but also here students learn other things too as industrial skills and training for it, at educational institute they learn how to work under pressure and many more thing. That's why Astro Vastu Delhi consultant in delhi & ncr india advise that educational institute must build under guidelines of vastu for institute or educational institute.

Vastu Tips for Institute

Vaastu consultant for institution are giving their vaastu tips not only for institute architecture but also giving their best tips for institution land vastu, colors for institute, direction of toilets etc.

  • - East or North facing plot is best for educational institutions. The entire plot corners should be square or rectangle.
  • - Build Heavy Almirahs in the South or West or SW.
  • - The library in the West is best as per Vastu principles.
  • - The East or North East is best for the main entrance
  • - Make the construction in the South- West or South portion of the plot/Land.
  • - Make the office of the Educational Institute in the South East with the entrance towards the East or North.
  • - Build the classroom in square or rectangle shape
  • - Avoid beams and cross beams in the classroom
  • - East, North or North East is best for the entrance of the classrooms.
  • - Make Toilets, bathrooms in the West or North West.
  • - Underground water tank should be in the North-East or North.
  • - Keep slope of the flooring towards the East.
  • - Make the Cabin of Principals in the South-West, West or South. Make sure that the door in the East or North-East to the Principle'scabin.
  • - The dead stock should be in the South West or West
  • - Build Conference Hall in the North of the educational building with the entrance towards the East side.
  • - The North or East is best for open playing ground.
  • - Well or borewell should be in the North East comer.
  • - Place the table for admissions and cash counter in the office facing towards North.

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