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This article is on Vastu stairs, as staires cannot be ignored as is an essential point in Vastu for home. Vastu for stairs includes the best location of a staircase in a house, the shape staircase, auspicious colors for the stairs and much more about the stairs so that you can make the stairs in your home as per Vastu Shastra.

vastu for Stairs

A Vastu compliant stairs save you from many problems related to finance and wealth as well as health problems, conflict in the family, mental tension and also release stress.

So this why the making the staircase of your home a Vastu compliant is so essential.

Vastu Tips for Stairs

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Stairs :

  • - Southwest is the best location to build a stair in a home is , and second, the best place in the South or West Direction of the house. Never on the North-East side.
  • - Never keep cash almirah below steps.
  • - Never built the temple under the staircase.
  • - Never built a toilet under the staircase.
  • - The steps should never start or end from the Pooja Room, Strong room, Storeroom, or Kitchen.
  • - If possible circular steps should be avoided.
  • - Vastu Shastra recomends to keep the stairs clockwise.
  • - There should be a roof with a slope on the East or North on the top of the steps.
  • - The room, where the steps of the stairs in Southwest end, should not be occupied by anyone. If so he will become sick, will have breathing problem; blood circulation will become slow and will suffer from the disease for which medicine will be difficult to avail of.
  • - The steps for going to the upper floors and going basement should not be the same.
  • - Avoid stairs in the Northeast if steps are in the North-East, there will be financial losses and business losses. Which may bring the head of the family in to debts.
  • - The steps should be such that one should climb towards the West or South and while descending ones descend towards the East or North.
  • - Preferably while climbing up the steps, they should be clockwise.

- Never make the steps in the (Brahmsthan) Centre of the house .

- The steps of the staircase should always be in odd in numbers as well as the steps of the stairs should always be in number such that if divided by 3, the remaining always 2; for example 11, 17.

- Never use red and black color for stairs wall.

- Do not let broken stairs, Repair immediately else it may cause accident and conflict in the family.

- Since now, above is all the information on Vastu for stairs, But I suggest you To consult a vastu expert. If you need any services of vastu consult you may Contact vastu consultant for given Mb no. or fill Contact form. He will help you Vastu compliant stairs in your home.

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