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Education plays an essential role in human life. In today's throat cut competition, all parents are concerned about the educational prospects of their children. Today education is earned not only for being educated but for getting employment.

To get employment, each student receives coaching in a prestigious school, college to achieve success in the examination. Despite this, some achieve success by gaining good marks, but some face the failure. As a result, such students become more victims of depression and stress.

vastu for Study Room

Vastu is a science based on some principles. It plays an essential role in achieving success in the children's education. The parents should not only take care of schooling, coaching etc. but also follow the guidelines provided by Vaastu Shastra.

The examinations are approaching. If the study room is according to the Vastu Shastra and the interior decoration is also in contrast to Vaastu in the study room, then it can affect his study and normal life.

If your children's room in your home is not according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, then in such a situation, some improvements can be made in the interior decoration of that room. Along with this, the positive energies can be obtained even without demolition.

Vastu Tips for Study Room

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Study Room:

  • - Location and position of study room:- The best directions for the study room in any house are East,North, NE, and West. These directions improve concentration, curiosity, with the increase in new ideas, memory power, clarity of ambition. If, for some reason, the study room cannot be made in these directions, then make sure that the child studies facing towards East or north side. Avoid making the study room in the south.
  • - Keep the study table in the study room of the children towards the east direction so that the child's face is towards the eastern direction. Never keep the study table towards the SE zone as far as possible. Besides, the study table should touch the wall. The height of the study table should not be very high, and it is good to have a rectangular shape of it. A round or oval table is inauspicious.
  • - The computer is good towards the SE zone. But You can also put it in the south or east direction.
  • - Maintenance Never keeps any useless, wasteful junk, old stuff, newspaper etc. in the study room. All such things cause loss of concentration of the mind. Along with this arrange all books, magazines, newspapers or other stationary items property in the stationary. These kinds of scattered things may affect the studies of your child.
  • - Pictures, photographs, etc. You may decorate the room with the pictures and photographs which motivate the children to move forward and to take an interest in education. Photos like Maa Saraswati, Lord Ganesha, Great personalities, Om, Swastik etc. may be used. Never take pictures of distortion and horror shapes in the study room. In addition to this, you may keep all the prizes received from time to time by your child in the study room.
  • - In front of the children's study table, you may paste a white paper by writing the Saraswati Mantra with a red pen on it.

- Pooja Ghar:-- As far as possible, avoid making the pooja har in the study room as it can affect the studies of the child. However, if the pooja Ghar is being built in the children's room make it in the north. In that case, keep the study table at a distance from the pooja Ghar.

- If your children's study room is not built according to Vastu, then in such a situation, the adverse effects of it can be reduced by interior designing as per Vastu Shastra.

- We hope by following the suggestions given by us, your children will achieve success in the field of education and career.

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