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According Vastu consultant of Astro Vastu Delhi many people think Vastu shastra for hospitals is a science in their own experiences. Their faith in the hospital authorities can be magnified if the hospital’s setting is Vastu-based. Hospital's building should be such that people coming there for improvement must get a speedy recovery. If their recovery is slow or often getting issues while solving health issues it may be that something is wrong. As per Vastu for hospital hospital is a place where positive & negative both energies exist life loss is negative and birth is symbol of happiness. Then this become very important that hospital must follow the principles of hospital vaastu.

Why the need of Vaastu for Hospital?

Vastu the great science helps in relieving people's afflictions by adapting the principles of Vastu to the development of a hospital Building.

vastu for Hospital in delhi & ncr India

However, If we do not follow principles of Vaastu Shastra for hospitals in consideration of direction, location etc., the problems of late recovery of patients, working of machines & apparatus, etc. emerge. Whereas when the hospital built with Vastu principles, people recover easily and quickly without leaving them on the risk of developing any other complication.

Vastu Tips for Hospital

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the hospital:

  • - As per rules of hospital vaastu shastra the entrance of the hospitals should face either east or north. Make sure to keep the entry in the East or North East.
  • - Hospital Vaastu principles says keep the middle portion that is the brahmasthan of the hospital open to the sky.
  • - The perfect direction for operation theatre is the west zone of the hospital.
  • - In the operation theatre, while lying on the stretcher, the patient should face the north, and the doctor
  • - should operate facing East, North or west side. Be sure that the doctor never faces to Southside.
  • - Make the X-ray room in the southeast.
  • - Southwest, West or south directions are perfect for making the storeroom for keeping the medical apparatus. It should never be in a lower place than the flooring of the main Hospital.
  • - Make the cash counter in the south or west facing towards the north or East.
  • - Keep all the racks of medical books and medicines in the south or west.
  • - Make the parking area either in the East or the north sites.
  • - Make the arrangement of drinking water in the North East.
  • - All the cleaning and changing rooms, toilets are best in South or west direction. Bathrooms are suitable on the east or North sides.
  • - Nurse's quarters are best in the southeast or northwest direction to the hospital.
  • - North direction is best for the Doctor examining the patients and facing towards the east or North at that time. While lying at that time the patients head should be in the south or West or East direction.
  • - Keep the staircase in the West, South West, southeast or northwest directions.

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