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The word "School" is a house of knowledge which provides the understanding of learning, talent, and knowledge to a child to mold their future. A school is a next place of learning after home for every child where he learns education, gain knowledge and make a great future for his life. Lots of People, who think to do something good for children, take up charge and open a school for education.

Schools work to make a better future for a child and perform an essential role in life, but if the foundation of school is not so strong; not build according to Vastu; how can we expect a school educates our child to produce a good result. It only creates the loss of education and time for a child physically as well as mentally.

vastu for School

A school might be considered as suitable for education if it was constructed according to the principles and guidelines of Vastu Shastra. It brings some essential guidelines to build the school and keep the area positive, encourages considered prosperity for children and school officials. To define the actual value of a school Vastu Shastra plays an important role and concentrate on creating a good atmosphere; Hence Vastu is beneficial for every school. is here enlisting some guidelines for School Vastu, Use them and get rid of negativity:

Location for School site:

To pick of the place for school land is significant. If the place is best, then progress moves around you. As per principles of Vastu Shastra norms, the best place for the school must be in the heart of the city as it becomes comfortable to approach, feasible for people who are residing in different areas.

The Main Entry of the School:

Whether it is a school or any organization of knowledge, the door should be in the east or north direction. Entry in these directions is very auspicious. Also, if the school is significant, then prefer more than one entry in North, East or NE directions to stop disorder and promote normal movement.

Location for the Prayer Hall:

Prayer hall the place in the school, where all the students meet and begin their day by a prayer. It can be a large hall or a ground built in the Northeast area to obtain the best benefits and higher concentration.

Placement and position of Reception:

Reception is the place where all the inquiries concerning school, admissions, fees, syllabus, teachers, and classes are met. According to Vastu Shastra principle, the reception need be built after the main lobby and at the ground floor so that it becomes comfortable to get the inquiries resolved as early as possible.

vastu for School

Placement of Classrooms in school:

Built classroom in East, North, NE Direction of School Building. The classrooms must be constructed in such a manner that when student sit and study they should face East or North direction.

Ventilation in School:

To make a proper arrangement of ventilation is very essential. For make proper ventilation in the room as per Vastu Shastra, built in north or east sides; also you may also fix an exhaust fan on the roof in this direction. North and East side windows ensure proper sunrays entered in the classroom and sprayed positivity and good energies.

Placement of Electrical equipment:

Electrical equipment like generators; inverters, music system, etc. install in the SouthEast direction in the school.

Placement and position of Toilets:

According to principles of Vastu Shastra, built the toilets in North-West direction in the school building.

The Kitchen and Canteen in school:

The proper place for the canteen and kitchen is in the Southeast direction in the school. SE directions for kitchen help fulfillment, gains and produce satisfaction.

Placement and position of Administration Block:

The best direction of administration block as per Vastu Shastra is North or East portion. North or East directions helps to keep the financial stability, control the expenses and will improve an increase in incomes.

Location of Playground in School:

Construct the playground in east, north or north-east portion of the school building as it may empower children towards progress and assists in improving their talents.

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