Hostel Vaastu Consultant

The hostel is a place which provides accommodation to the students to study while studying there. It is an infrastructure where students hail from different geographical areas. So it is very essential to maintain peace, harmony and understanding among them. Hostel must be constructed in such a way that the problems like failure, strikes, suicide not occur. Good Vastu management for hostel helps in creating a healthy environment for the students to concentrate in a better way and be successful. It also results in gaining good reputation for the institutes.

vastu for Hostel
In hostel not only vastu required for the hostel building but also vastu required for the students room in hostel too. And if the vastu of hostel room is not proper follow then it's not good for hostel as well for the students resides in the hostel too. Like bed in hostel room should not be kept in front of entrance door of hostel room.

Vastu Tips for Hostel

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Hostel:

  • - Construct the building of hostel in regular shape such as rectangular or square.
  • - Keep the stairs in South or west.
  • - Make the arrangements for administration staff and warden of the hostel in southwest to stay.
  • - Construct the rules of students in Northwest.
  • - Toilets are always best in Northwest.
  • - Prefer the canteen in south-east direction.
  • - Leave the North-East zone vacant for making lawn or garden.
  • - Avoid any kind of beam cross beam in the hostel room.
  • - Keep the bed in the hostel room in such a way that while sleeping the students fees south or East.
  • - Keep the study table in the hostel room facing North or East.
  • - It is preferred to make Windows in the east direction to get maximum sunlight and positive Vibes.

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