Bank Vaastu Consultant

Vastu Tips for Bank

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Bank:

  • - The North, Northeast or East is best for Main Entrance.
  • - Make the sitting arrangement of the employees (especially those in public relation) facing towards Northeast, North, East.
  • - Make Manager’s cabin in the South or Southwest facing towards North or East while sitting.
  • - Make the reception in the Eastern or Western zone depending upon the entry.
  • - Make the cash counters in the North in such a way that the cashier should face towards either North or East. Keep the cash box in the South and open it towards North or East.
  • - It is best to make the main room of the cash, lockers, and safe room in the South or Southwest and they should open towards North or East sides.
  • - Prefer to arrange the drinking water in the Northeast, North or East.
  • - The toilets are best in the West or North West.
  • - The slope of the floor should be towards North or East or Northeast.
  • - Keep all old records, unwanted letters, files, etc. in the Southwest.
  • - Make the parking area in Northwest or Southeast or East or North of the open area or even in the basement as per convenience.
  • - Loan distribution should be from the Northeast counter.
  • - Store the cash in the middle portion of the North.
  • - Make the Conference room/hall on the west side.

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