Garage, Porch & Parking Vaastu Consultant

Vastu Tips for Garage, Porch & Parking

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Garage, Porch & Parking:

  • - The NW portion is best for parking. Never made parking in NE and SW part. In NE Parking Maintenance cost of the vehicle may increase. In the South-West portion, vehicles remain in Parking.
  • - Keep the Garage roof level less than the entire home if the garage is in the North or East.
  • - The pillars in the Garage/porch in the North, East or Northeast should not be round.
  • - The gate for Garage/parking in the East or NorthWest is best.
  • - The basement of lesser height for parking in the East and North is permissible.
  • - In the Garage/porch, the Car should face the East or North but not the South. If it faces West, it will stay for less time in the porch, i.e., traveling will increase. Make provision of the slope towards in the North or the East for the Garage/portico.
  • - Portico or Parking wall should not touch the main compound walls.

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