Dining Room Vaastu Consultant

Vastu Tips for Dining Room

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Dining Room:

  • - You are what you eat! True...However, as per Vastu Shastra, it is also essential that’s the “location” "where you eat" i.e.
  • - "The Dining Room" or the Dining Area. The significance of the Dining Room area is very high in Vastu Shastra.
  • - West direction is best for the Dining Room. Moreover, the second best option is in the North or East.
  • - While eating or dining the Head of the family should face towards East.
  • - Any family members should not face towards the south.
  • - In the Dining Room, prefer the doors in the East, West or North.
  • - Avoid round shape, oval-shaped hexagonal or irregular shape Dining Table. It should be square or rectangular.
  • - Place the Dining Table such a way that it not touch the wall.
  • - Make provision for Water in the northeast of the Dining Room.
  • - Built Washbasin in the north or east sides and avoid in the southeast or northwest.
  • - There should be no attached toilet to the Dining Room.
  • - The main door of the house and the Dining Room should not face each other.
  • - Make sure that the dining table is not under a beam.
  • - Make provision of a refrigerator in Southeast corner of the dining room.
  • - Best colors for dining area walls are orange, yellow, cream or off-white.
  • - Hang a mirror in East or North wall of the dining room.
  • - Place posters or photos of mouth-watering dishes in the dining room to arouse hunger.
  • - Do not speak loudly while eating in the dining room.
  • - You may play soft music in the dining area.
  • - Avoid TVin the dining area so that concentrate towards only eating.
  • - Wish above Vastu tips for dining room makes your life pleasing.

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