Restaurant Vaastu Consultant

As we know the trend of eating outside is increasing day by day especially the young people are very fond of eating fast food. If we see around we find a chain of hotels/restaurants in our neighbourhood. But not every hotel/restaurant prospers & attracts the visitors as well as enjoys great profits. Vastu plays an important role in inviting the customers as well as in making profits. If the hotel/restaurant is Vastu compliant that the owner does not have to suffer the losses.

vastu for Restaurant

While doing Vastu for hotel/restaurant, a Vastu consultant checks the site, location, topography, Geography soil, directions,exteriors, interiors etc. and gives his suggestions and tips for Vastu for hotel/restaurant according to that.

Vastu Tips for Restaurant

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Restaurant:

  • - Prefer to take a regular shaped plot that is rectangular or square shape for the restaurant/ hotel.
  • - Make sure that the north and East portions of the building always remain open.
  • - The most important point to get success in hotel restaurant is its passage and the main entrance door. The main entrance door should be fixed as per vastu shastra principles by consulting Vastu expert only. Make it very attractive and welcoming to the guest.
  • - Ground floor is perfect for the reception and eating area for the guest of the restaurant/ hotel.
  • - Make the adequate and sufficient provision for light/ ventilation etc.
  • - Make the kitchen of the restaurant hotel in the south east portion of the building and for placing the electrical appliances like microwave,ovens, mixer grinder etc. use the place in the south east direction.
  • - Construct the store room for storing the raw materials in South, West or south-west zone of the hotel/ restaurant.
  • - The toilets her perfect in Northwest direction.
  • - Make the arrangement of drinking water towards north east or North East parts of the building.
  • - Place the pooja Ghar or the idol of God is best towards north east.
  • - Avoid any kind of beam, pillar and arches in the hotel /restaurant premises as it may result in losses.
  • - Make the entrance of the rooms according the principles of vastu shastra. The interiors of the room should be good looking and attractive.
  • - Make sure to place the bed towards south west part of the rooms. The guest's head should not be placed towards north direction in any case.

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