Vaastu for Five Elements

Panch Mahabhoot- the five elements of nature

vastu for Panch Mahabhoot

All the objects of this universe are made up of five basic elements. These elements are called panch Mahabhootas. These are Earth or soil, water, fire, air, and space or Aakash.The five basic elements of nature have a constant relation which affects the activities of life. We should construct residential or commercial buildings in a well-planned manner keeping in view the effects of this panch mahabhoot. In that way only we will live our life happily and harmoniously.

Earth Panch Mahabhoot


Earth is the composition of the surface of the earth, the soil and other minerals present in the soil. Whether the land is appropriate to live in that particular place depends on the composition of the surface of Earth.

We must take care that the soil suits our habitat.

Before starting the construction the size, shape, type of land, etc. are considered, and it is auspicious to do the Bhoomi Pujan.


Water is essential not only for the creatures, plants, and trees but also for the construction of the buildings. Shape and size of the building are designed at a place according to the availability of water and the relation with the land. Taking care of water means that the building is stable and safe even during heavy rains and at the time of the flood.

Water Panch Mahabhoot
Fire Panch Mahabhoot


Fire circulates energy in the form of light and heat. we all know, the sun is the chief source of heat and light. The rotation and revolution of the earth cause day and night and Changing of seasons. The construction of the house is significantly affected by light and heat, you must take care that the building has a constant supply of light and it is completely safe from the fire also.


Air is a mixture of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. We can feel and hear the presence of air, but we cannot see it. Air is the most important element for all the living beings. While constructing a building, we must take care that the building has a sufficient supply of air for healthy and comfortable living. From which direction the air should enter the house is also a significant factor to be considered.

Air Panch Mahabhoot
Space Panch Mahabhoot


The never ending region of the universe in which all the heavenly bodies exist is called space. It is the most widely spread over all the five basic elements of nature. It is preferred to construct a house in such a way that the Invisible forces of nature and the energies generated by them are fully utilized and their harmful effects can also be avoided.

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