Vaastu Purusha Mandla

Vastu Purusha as the story in Matsya Purana was born out of the sweating of Lord Shiva while battling and destroying a giant called "Andhakasur" and is resting down on the whole Earth with his head at the Northeast and feet at Southwest points of Earth. Brahma, The creator of the universe and other Devas to satisfy his unsatisfied appetite, granted him a blessing that whoever constructs building on Earth shall offer Prayer to him and give offerings if they want to enjoy health, strength wealth, energy, wisdom, prosperity and well being of his family in their new constructions. That is why Vastu Pooja began to be performed before beginning construction of any structure. This apart, according to Vedic scriptures, there is a ruling deity of God for each significant activity like Brahma being the creator of this universe, while Lord Vishnu being the giver of everything, Vaayu being God of Winds, Khyber God of Wealth, Neptune or Varun God of Rains, Vastu Purush is the governing deity for construction of buildings. He is considered to be in every plot of land whether big or small or conferring excellent or bad.

vastu for purusha

There are three types of Vastu Purush according to the position or postures he takes or makes.

Sthir Vastu : In this position, Vastu is said to be always lying with his head at Northeast comer, feet at Southwest with right hand placed at Southeast and left hand in Northwest with his face down and his left hand under his head supporting it like a pillow.

Char Vastu : This orientation Changes every three months. He looks toward different direction after every quarter.

Nitya Vastu : here Vaastu Orientation changes every three hours.

if you start any construction on plot, you must take care of marmasthna

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