Consultant For Pooja Room Vaastu.

Pooja means our offerings to the deity to receive blessings or good fortune as prasad. The offerings may be in the form of Sacred Mantras, stotras, etc. that help us to connect with God. Pooja helps us in releasing our negative thoughts, pressure or problems but making us stronger.

vastu for pooja Room

A pooja room should be Vastu compliant to enhance and attract the maximum positive energies in and around our home. If the pooja room in our house is not Vastu compliant, the attracted positivity and harmony starts to be weakened because of the effect of negative energies present in other directions.

A Vastu expert thoroughly analyses the different factors while considering Vastu for Pooja room. He considers the location, direction and many other factors in that. Tips for Pooja room Pooja Ghar.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Pooja Room:

  • - It is ideal to make the pooja room in the North East zone of the house. The east or the north is also good for making the pooja room. Never make the pooja room in south direction.
  • - Avoid to make the pooja room Pooja ghar in the bedroom, but it is possible in the bedroom of unmarried children.
  • - Place the idols in the East or the best of the pooja Ghar. Never place the idols in the pooja Ghar facing the south.
  • - The doors and windows are perfect in the north or the east of the pooja room.
  • - Keep the Agni Kund or Havan Kund in the SE direction of the pooja room. Always face towards the east at the time of offerings.
  • - Always place the showcases and almirahs in the pooja room towards the West or south.
  • - Do not keep the idol of the deities precisely in front of the entrance gate.
  • - Never keep the idols in desecrated form, dry flowers, and garlands, used and broken pieces of incense sticks, etc. in the pooja room.
  • - Avoid making the pooja room in the storeroom as well as in the place where useless and discarded things are kept.
  • - Never make the pooja Ghar in front, below, near or above the toilets. The wall of the toilet should never touch the pooja room also.
  • - Never make the pooja room under the staircase.
  • - Whenever you go outside you have to lock your house it is better never to lock the pooja room and keep it unlocked.

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