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In this articles you will find vastu tips for drawing room or living room which are very simple but very important to make drawing room or living room vastu compliance. A vastu compliant drawing room or living room attracts positive energies as a result you and your family enjoy successful and joyous life. A vastu compliant drawing room or living room also brings wealth, happiness and prosperity.

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A drawing room or living room is a very important part of home. It is the place where you entertain your guests, socialize with people, enjoy and spend immeasurable quality time with your family.

The living room is always the center of attraction of the house . Every one wants to decorate and style it in the best possible manner. You should decor and style it in such a way that the room has to give a warm and comfort feel as well as room attracts positive energy. Following are some very important and valuable vastu tips for drawing room or living room which will assist yoy to plan your drawing room or living room in the best possible way. If you follow these tips, your drawing room or living room will be Vastu compliant.

Location of the Drawing room or Living room

Northwest direction : The northwest Direction is an ideal place for the drawing room or living room, that is, if you want to avoid late night parties, get-togethers, etc. This direction of air indicates movement and makes guests restless, encouraging them to leave.

Northeast direction : This direction brings very positive energy in drawing room or living room and bestows the users with serenity and mental peace.

North direction : This direction is quadrant of wealth and health and adds a congenial ambience to the room and infuses it with positive vibrations.

Southwest direction : Since this corner makes one feel quite at home, the guests stay for long time here. But this portion is favourable for the residents.

Vastu Tips for Drawing Room

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Drawing Room:

  • - If possible never place a beam in the ceiling of Drawing room or living room if it is there avoid to sit below it as it causes mental stress.
  • - Prefer to color the walls of living room or drawing room in light color
  • - Prefer to use the curtains in light colours and fabric in north-east zone but heavy curtains in south.
  • - If possible, keep the north-east area vacant in the drawing room/living area and always keep it neat & clean.
  • - Always decorate the area with beautiful paintings and pictures based on nature to enhance the positive energies. Never use the pictures of wild animals, wars, any other horror picture, pictures of deceased family members etc.
  • - Never keep the artificial, dried flowers, cactus, bonsai etc.in the drawing room/living room as they are in auspicious and negative to the wealth and prosperity to the residents.
  • - Lit the area properly having sufficiant ventilation. Hang the chandelier in south or west but never in the brahmsthan (center) of the area.
  • - Make the seating arrangement of guests in the north-west zone of the drawing room/living room.
  • - Keep the TV in the East, SE or in the North Direction. Never keep the TV in the NE or SW Zone.
  • - Place the cooler in the west, NW or East direction. Never keep it the SE.

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