Toilet/Bathroom Vaastu Consultant

One of the significant negative source of energy in the home is Toilet and bathroom. So it wise to construct the toilet and bathroom as per the guidelines and principles of Vastu Shastra. A Vastu expert the considers the location and position of toilet and bathroom and also analysis various factor, exteriors interiors, etc. to provide the guidelines and essential Vastu tips for the construction of toilet and bathroom he takes care of all the five elements of nature as well as all the direction to make a Vastu compliant toilet and bathroom. A non-Vastu compliant toilet and bathroom lead to financial losses and health-related problems.

vastu for Toilet/Bathroom

The perfect location for a toilet or bathroom is the Northwest part of the home but not the Northwest corner. The second alternative is the South-West part leaving the South-West corner.

Vastu Tips for Toilet/Bathroom

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Toilet/Bathroom :

  • - If you are making only a bathroom separately, then you may construct it in the East.
  • - Vastu Tips for Attached Bathroom and Toilet.
  • - Place toilet seat in the toilet in West, South or North-West side of West. Place the toilet seat in such a way while sitting you face the North or the South.
  • - Construct toilet 6" to 12" higher than the ground level.
  • - The slope of the floor should be towards East or North.
  • - Make provision for water taps, shower, etc. in East, North or North-East.
  • - Prefer using the light colors in the toilet and bathroom.
  • - If possible keep a small window in the toilet and bathroom in East, West or North.
  • - Avoid toilets in the center (Brahm Sthana), North-East or South-West corners of the home.
  • - Never make the septic tank in South of the toilet.
  • - Never construct an attached toilet South-East or South-West corner.
  • - These are Vastu principles for a Vastu compliant attached toilet or bathroom in your home. If you need a Service of Vastu Consultant, You may call or may fill the Contact form.

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