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Industrial Land Vastu or Vastu for Industrial Land is a highly complicated topic because of the forces associated with processes needed in the industrial plan. Different activities, work, responsibilities, duties, and procedures are regulated by different planets and zones which very often may not match within the layout of the industry or factory.
Every industry has a different model of processes and machinery and practices various kinds of energy, for example, chemical, thermal, mechanical, etc.
Each process, material, and type of energy is control by other planets and many aspirations of zones and directions.
Complete knowledge of all these factors is must to apply practical Vastu principles.


When the direction is intended to accommodate its element, it begins to planetary positivity which automatically generates cosmic energy heading to prosperity, success, growth, and progress.
Whatsoever be the industry, the principles of the Vastu broadly prevails the identical and should be held in the mind while planning the building, developing the structure, constructing the building, placing the machinery, producing the products and forwarding them to the consumers. Still, though there are vast variations in production methods or process flow etc. in various industries, the general principles of Vaastu Shastra are everywhere suitable.
Industries should be in such should follow a system that the production should increase and so the flow of finished goods. So it is adwiseable to follow principles of the Vastu Shastra to ensure extra production, increased sales, no obstacle with labor and smooth functioning of the industry.

Vastu for Industries and Vastu Tips for Industries and Industrial Vastu :

- Make the main entrance of the factory in the North, East or Northeast. Furthermore, It is best to make entry provision for the workers in East and North entry for owners and executives.

- Build the factory building in the Southwest zone of the plot. leave the North and East sides of the plot open.

- Keep clean and clutter free the North-East portion.

- Make a provision of lawn or landscaping in NE portion.

- NE Direction is best for temple or offering daily puja.

- If necessary Make provision for an underground water tank in the NE portion of the plot.

- If a basement is required than construct it in the North, Northeast or East portion of the building.

- Do not place or store any heavy equipment in the NE portion.

- Place heavy equipment or heavy items int he South, West and Southwest zones of the plot.

vastu for Industrial land

- Place the overhead water tanks in the Southwest zone of the main building. To ensure quick disposal finished products can be placed in the North-West zone of the building.

- The toilets are best for in the North-West zone of the building.

- The car parking is best in the North-West zone.

- Built staff quarters in the North-West zone.

- Place the electric equipment, i.e. transformers, generators, furnaces, boilers and other machinery

- comprising heat energy should be placed in the Southeast.

- Build the kitchen or pantry for the workers in SE.

- Make the office of the head or owner of the factory in the Southwest of the building. He should sit in the Southwest While facing North or NE. Make sure that there is no beam over his desk or table.

- Make the slope of the floor toward the NE.

- Make the thick wall in the South-West.

- North or the East is best for the administrative block.

- Executives while sitting face toward North.

- Build Staff quarters in the North-West Zone.

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