Marriage Hall Vaastu Consultant

Modern times that trend of organising marriages in marriage hall is increasing day by day.
Today you find a variety of marriage halls in your neighbourhood. It is quite necessary that a marriage hall is built with utmost care so that there won't be any problem during or after the marriage.Some marriage halls do great business but some are unable to attract the customers.For the smooth working of marriage hall certain Vastu principles must be followed

vastu for Marriage Hall

A Vastu consultant analyses the construction of marriage halls,its proper location,direction exterior, interior etc. according to the principles of vastu shastra. It not only ensures the smooth functioning of marriage halls but also earns more profits and good reputation for it.

Vastu Tips for Marriage Hall

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Marriage Hall :

  • - Entrance of marriage hall is perfect in east or north.
  • - Always prefer the regular shapes i.e. square or rectangle for the marriage hall. Avoid round or oval shape of the banquet hall.
  • - To make the couple sitting on the stage and faces East,it is preferred to make the stage of marriage hall in West direction.
  • - Place on electrical equipments like dance, music system, Transformer etc. in south east.
  • - Make the arrangement of cooking in south east only but arrangement for serving the food towards north-east or north.
  • - Make the sitting arrangement for the guests in South-west or north.
  • - As ishaan corner is the most sacred place so place the Mandap for marriage in north east direction but burn the fire in south east corner. Construct the room of owner in southwest.
  • - Toilets are best in Northwest or West.
  • - Construct the stairs of the marriage hall in South,West or south west directions.
  • - Make the parking area in north-west or south-east.

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