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Vastu for bedroom is essential as the bedroom is the place for privacy and complete relaxation. A bedroom is a room where we rest after strenuous day’s work out and need to have a deep sleep to obtain strength for the subsequent day. Vaastu for Bedroom has been given a very important preference, and significance as Bedroom has a very vital place in our home.

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As per principles of Vastu Astro Vastu Delhi says it plays impotant role in the designing bedroom because proper direction of bed and sleeping position affects our mental level and peace.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

You can get Best Vaastu Tips for bedroom and these vastu tips are according to the Indian Vastu Shastra, which covering all aspects of vastu shastra of bedroom color & directions

  • - The Southwest is best for master Bedroom, South or West is also the right place for the bedroom.
  • - The Southwest/South room is preferable for the master of the home on the eldest member of the house as it leads to dominance, power & stability.
  • - The Northwest/North bedroom is ideal for marriageable daughters, guests and for children who desire to go abroad.
  • - Bedroom in the east is best for unmarried children of the family.
  • - Bedroom in the south-east is nor preferable of the main building, as it results in unnecessary arguments between the husband and the wife. Extravagant expenditure increases and one faces one or the other kind of problem.
  • - The north-east is the best direction of the pooja Ghar. Therefore, avoid bedroom in the NorthEast Otherwise, one has to face many calamities & sickness increases. If a married couple sleeps in N/E room, they may face severe health problem thereby affecting progeny.
  • - Bedroom precisely in the middle of the building, i.e., Brahmsthan should avoid
  • - The light rose, gray, blue, chocolate, green, etc. color are best in the wall of Bedroom. Avoid Marble stones (white and yellow colored) in the newly married couple’s bedroom.
  • - Place heavy articles in the south-West portion in the bedroom
  • - Sleeping with legs towards the north improves wealth and prosperity. But, if you sleep with legs towards the south, you will not have a sound sleep. The south is the Place of Yama.

- The dressing in the bedroom is not recommended but if the necessary place in the east of the north direction of the bedroom.

- The research work, reading and writing work is best in the west of the bedroom facing North. East direction is also suitable for these activities. While reading one should face East.

- Place electrical equipments in the south¬east corner of the bedroom.

- The wardrobe in the south-west is best in the bedroom.

- Almirahs, showcases, and other bulky items are best in the south or the west walls. A mezzanine on the SW side is tolerable.

- Do not keep South, south-west, and the west corner vacant.

- Avoid lockers or safe in the bedroom.

- The computer should be better to avoid in the bedroom.

- Avoid mirror in the bedroom. If still mirror is required it should be on North, East or N/E wall, place it such a way so that no part of your body will reflect in the mirror while sleeping.

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