Vaastu Consultant for Industries

To increase the production, sales and no problems with the working staff, it becomes necessary to follow the principles of vaastu shastra given by vastu consultant in delhi & ncr india. And by following the principles of vaastu shastra you can able to get increase in production and wealthy business by your industry.
According to the vaastu consultant of ' Astro Vastu Delhi ' it is not matter that which type of industry you set, vastu principles remains same for all of them. You have to just keep all in mind about the vaastu while installing the machines, creating structures, turning raw in products and dispatching them.

vastu consultant for industries in delhi & ncr india

Vastu Tips for Industries

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Industries:

  • - Square or rectangle Plot is best for Industries Premises
  • - Make the South and West compound wall of the premises with stone. Keep other bulky items in SW.
  • - Make South West corner exactly to 90°
  • - Barbed wire can be fixed in the East & North boundaries.
  • - Built the well, borewell, underground water storage, garden, etc. in the East, North or NE.
  • - In the South East corner, A transformer room can be made. A servant, watchman’s room can be there without touching the walls.
  • - In the South West corner scrap and other heavy can be dumped.
  • - You can arrange the Laboratory Administrative office in the main office in the West.
  • - Servant quarters may be in the North-West corner.
  • - Keep the main plant in the Southwest corner.
  • - Keep the water source in the North-East The level of the plot should be low in the North-East.
  • - Keep the heavy Machinery in the SW, and lighter machines in the North
  • - 11. South- East comer is best for boiler, fire and electrical items. The SW is for Raw materials, store room, Waste material, etc.
  • - 12. Keep the Finished goods in the North West comer. Deliver the products from a door in the Northside.
  • - 13. Place the overhead tank in the Southwest.
  • - 14. Parking is best in the North or East.
  • - 15. Build the Main entrance in the East or North. Never make it in the Southwest.

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