Clinic Vaastu Consultant

Today Vastu Shastra is highly recommended for a better healthier life. Vastu has a significant impact on our health. Vastu governs the manifested and unmanifested energies around us and molds them to work in our favor. From the past many years, we have noticed the gradual rise and awareness in medical science.

vastu for home

Today there is a scarcity of place as compared to the rise in population, residential places are used or converted into clinics.

A Vastu consultant applies the principles of Vastu Shastra to that residential area where clinic is being made. A Vastu expert analyses the proper location, directions, exteriors, interiors, etc. of the clinic.

A proper analysis of clinic paves the way for patients speedy recovery for better health as well as earning an excellent reputation for the clinic

Vastu Tips for Clinic

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Clinic:

  • - Construct the clinic in more than 250 square feet area.
  • - Prefer to build the clinic in the first story of a building.
  • - Make the entrance of the clinic from east or north.
  • - Reception of the clinic is perfect in the east or north.
  • - Construct the parking area of the clinic in southeast or north west direction.
  • - Doors and windows of the clinic must face East, North or North-East directions.
  • - Entry of the patient's room should face towards the North East for the speedy recovery.
  • - Keep all the electrical equipment, machines, generator the southeast.
  • - Racks for keeping medical books are perfect in the South or west direction.
  • - Always construct the toilet in North West direction.

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